Sectionals in Calgary, AB

Sectionals are the ideal living room furniture choice if you have plenty of space and want to maximize seating options. These pieces actually connect the ottoman, sofa, and loveseat into one functional piece of furniture, allowing your family to relax and recline. While sectional shopping can seem complicated, careful planning and the assistance of our expert team at Nordesign can help you find the right option for your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Sectional Collections

Our sectional collections offer traditional and modern sectionals in a range of styles, in both high-quality leather and soft, durable fabric, from top designers like Ekornes of Norway (Stressless) and IMG of Norway. Many of these sectionals can be configured in several different ways, so they truly complement your space. Other features include recliners, built-in streaming music capabilities, adjustable headrests, manual or power seating, lumbar cushions, sliding seats and matching ottomans.

Custom Options for Your Space

Depending on the size and layout of your living room, you will likely prefer either a left or right-facing chaise for your sectional. To make this choice, consider the traffic flow of your room and the relationship of the new sectional to your existing living room furniture. Many of our collections can be configured either way to expand your selection. Those who have plenty of space can even opt for a U-shaped sectional with chaises on both sides, for a seating arrangement that facilitates entertaining and lively conversation. The traditional sectional has a square corner, while modern sectionals are available with a rounded corner that offers a more intimate, softer feel. The color and fabric of most sectionals can also be customized based on your preferences and to match your existing home décor.

Because of the incredible selection at our showroom, it’s not necessary to have a large room to make a sectional work for you. Our team at Nordesign will be happy to look at your measurements and help you choose pieces that will look great without overwhelming a small space.