Bedroom Furniture in Calgary, AB

Do you prefer modern and minimalist or ornate and romantic? No matter your design aesthetic, Nordesign has the bedroom furniture selection to create a restful private oasis. From seamless bedroom collections to dressers, night tables and other individual pieces, our team can help you choose the furniture to create your ideal room design.


When choosing a bedroom collection for your room, you'll need to take several factors into consideration. First, think about the size and shape of the space. Take exact measurements so you can choose furniture that makes sense for your square footage. Next, gather inspiration for the style of your redesigned bedroom. Think about colour schemes, furniture styles and how the room will fit with the flow of the rest of your home design. You'll also want to consider your budget for new bedroom furniture to ensure you can find high-quality pieces within your price range. Don't forget to check our current promotions for even better deals.

Our bedroom collections include the Alf Uno Imperia Collection in sleek, modern white lacquer; the warm, welcoming appearance of Teodora Light Elm; the beauty and depth of the birch Tivoli bedroom furniture, and so much more. Each collection contains choices for your bed, dresser and other key pieces. When you visit our showroom, you'll have the opportunity to examine these items in person to evaluate their impressive quality, durability and beauty. Our sales staff will be happy to answer any questions you have, serving as expert consultants for your bedroom redesign.


Smaller pieces such as dressers and night tables not only complement the look of your other furniture but also provide critical storage space for your belongings. When choosing these pieces, consider both your storage requirements and your lifestyle. For example, some shoppers may opt for storage solutions that allow them to seamlessly switch between seasonal wardrobes, while others might prefer to hang their clothes and require only a small dresser.

Visiting our showroom allows you to get a true sense of how each piece of bedroom furniture works together to create a tranquil, relaxing space that fits your needs and serves as a respite from busy daily life.