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A Furniture Company with the Right Experience

Since opening our doors in 1977, Nordesign has worked tirelessly to become one of the premier furniture dealers in Western Canada. Our family-owned business has learned what our customers want from their purchase and service experiences, and we deliver it to them – time and again – whenever they come in! From bedroom and dining room sets to sectionals, sofas, and home décor, we have a sensational selection of the finest furniture items!

Nordesign is a business that was built over time. Our owners were tired of working for someone else – doing it their way. They wanted to break out on their own and deliver the kind of helpful insights and quality craftsmanship they knew their customers deserved. They decided that the only way to do that was to open up their own shop and change the way things were done, for the better.

Their decision has made Nordesign what it is today!

Presently, we source our furniture from locations around the globe. We work with every type of customer – singles to seniors; offering them the best furniture pieces and accents for their homes. Our range of styles, from classic to contemporary, transforms homes all over Alberta, and gives our customers the style and sophistication they want. We also keep our prices competitive, and offer tremendous promotions, so our clients never have to spend a fortune (unless they want to).

For more information concerning our company, or to enquire about a specific piece for your home, please come into the showroom or call 403-252-8220.